Home from Falcon Ridge

Falcon Ridge was a mixed bag of good and bad for Acoustic Apple this year.  Gary's first grand child was born on the day he planned to travel to the festival.  Everything went well at the hospital.  Mother and baby are fine, so Gary headed to Hillsdale on Thursday, August 3.  The Acoustic Apple canopy was established in Pirate Camp while the weather was good, and Steve made it to camp late Thursday afternoon, in time for the Lounge Stage performances. On Friday things turned bad.  Thunderstorms and a tire blow-out forced Gary to miss part of the emerging artist showcase.  By Friday night everything was calm and Acoustic Apple was able to join a number of good jam sessions at Pirate Camp.  Gary stayed up late to join the Front Porch song circle and the balance of the weekend was great.  Steve headed home Sunday afternoon, while Gary remained at camp until Monday morning. Next up... gig at Starving Artist on 8/18, LI Bluegrass Festival on August 19, Morgan Park Folk Festival on 8/20, gig at Bellmore Bean 8/25, gig at Northport Farmers Market 8/26, and Borderline Picnic/Jam on 8/27.

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