Home from Falcon Ridge

The first weekend in August is always reserved for the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.  Gary headed to Hillsdale, NY on Wednesday, 8/1 to set up a campsite on Dodd's Farm.  Gary joined friends at "Pirate Camp" (one of several loosely organized encampments at the festival) and set up a canopy for protection from the torrential rains and blazing sun that follow the usual weather pattern in the summer in the Berkshires.  Sure enough, within 10 minutes of setting up my canopy the skies opened up and the heavy rains came down, turning roadways into mudways. Several more rainstorms would occur between Wednesday and Friday, but the timing of the rain was favorable and none of the scheduled performances were cancelled.  Performers included Adam Ezra Group, Dan Navarro, Dar Williams, The End of America, Greg Greenway, The Jason Spooner Band, John Gorka, The Kennedys, Kim and Reggie Harris, Ryanhood, The Slambovian Circus of Dreams, Sloan Wainwright, Tom Paxton & the Don Juans, Tracy Grammer and Vance Gilbert... all folk favorites.  I got a chance to participate in a few song circles, but mainly just enjoyed all the great performances.

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