Acoustic Apple is a Long Island, NY cover duo featuring Americana, Folk-Rock and Roots Music.  Welcome to our home on the web.  Please listen to a bit of our music and browse our list of covers.  Some may be familiar and some may be new to you.  We hope you like what you find.  

We can be reached at AcousticApple@optonline.net

Acoustic Apple Heads to Massachusetts 

After performing to a full house at the Starving Artist Café last night, Steve and Gary are packing up our instruments and heading to the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival in Framingham, Massachusetts next week.  We will be joining many of our Bluegrass buddies, plus hundreds of new friends at the Sheraton in Framingham for 4 days of 24-hour pickin' and singin' at this amazing event.  Getting a room at the hotel is quite a challenge.  All the rooms this year sold out within 20 seconds of the registration announcement.  We have been going to this annual event for years, and have seen many of the top international touring Bluegrass performers on the main stage, but the real fun is forming small (and large) jams in the lobbies, hallways and guest rooms all over the hotel at all hours of the day and night.  It is always a blast!!

Three Gigs In Three Days 

Three gigs in three days was a first for Acoustic Apple.  Last Thursday night we performed at Spinnakers (a very nice restaurant in Oyster Bay).  We had previously been a "featured performer" at the weekly open mic, but this was our first 3-set gig at this venue.  Friday night we performed at the Babylon Bean (one of our favorite venues), and made a bunch of new friends.  Saturday night's gig was our most unusual one so far.  We were invited to perform at the Waterfront Center in Oyster Bay (about 2 blocks from Spinnakers) in a building in which a replica of the Oyster harvesting boat "Ida May" is currently under construction.  The original Ida May, built in 1925, worked on the waters of Oyster Bay for 75 years and was historically significant because she was one of the first oyster dredges to be powered by an engine as opposed to a sail. The concert was a fund-raiser for the construction of the boat (which is being built entirely by volunteers).  A large crowd enjoyed our performance and a number of our friends also showed up to show support.  Afterwards, a few of us went over to Spinnakers for a late-night snack.

Acoustic Apple Is In A Groove 

Acoustic Apple is in a nice groove.  We have expanded our repertoire of songs and have been gigging at least 2 or 3 times each month (pretty good for two guys with full-time day jobs).  We have 12 gigs lined up (as of today) including one tonight in a new venue (for us).  Last night's gig at the Babylon Bean went very well. In fact we actually had to turn down another gig that was offered to us for last night so we could keep our commitment to the Babylon Bean.  Steve and Gary plan to record a demo EP in the near future, and we also plan to write some original songs to open some new opportunities for us.  Thank you to all our friends, relatives and fans who keep coming out to our shows.  We really appreciate your support.

Acoustic Apple at Bellmore Bean 

Another great show at the Bellmore Bean last Saturday night.  This time the café was Standing Room Only.  Every seat in the café was filled.  A big thanks to all our friends who came out to see us!

Acoustic Apple at NERFA 

Gary and Steve attended the NorthEast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) music conference in Stamford, CT from Thursday, November 10 through Sunday, November 14.  Gary has been going to NERFA for 15 years, but this was Steve's first time.  What a blast!! Hundreds of young musicians (and plenty of oldsters too) showcasing their songs on stages, in hallways, in guest rooms, and in the lobby... all day and all night for 4 days.  Plenty of jamming and song circles too.  Gary got a chance to play on stage with Rolly Brown, national guitar flat-picking champion.  Gary and Steve participated in an open-mic session (and got invited to join one of the radio DJ's shows), and jammed into the night with various bluegrass groups.  No sleep, but plenty of great music.

Acoustic Apple at Babylon Bean 

Another great show at the Babylon Bean last night.  Gary and Steve got one last chance to perform our songs in front of a live audience before we head up to Stamford, CT in November to join hundreds of other performers, radio DJs, venue managers, agents and other music business professionals at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA).  Acoustic Apple will be showcasing, jamming and shmoozing with some of the best musicians you never heard of in the halls, rooms, and lobbies of the Crowne Plaza hotel.  Gary has attended NERFA for many years, but this will be Steve's first time, and the first time Acoustic Apple will appear at this annual event.

Acoustic Apple at Babylon Bean 

Our gig at the Babylon Bean on 9/24/16 went very nicely.  Mike and Sue Christian joined us for an number of songs (Sue on flute and Mike on borrowed guitar).  Steve, Sue and Melissa (barista behind the counter) compared notes on grinding coffee beans.  The cool weather was a welcome change from the summer heat. Foot traffic at the Babylon Bean was brisk, so we always had an audience.

Acoustic Apple at Eclectic Cafe 

Acoustic Apple performed five songs at the Eclectic Café in Bay Shore on Saturday night, 9/10/16 for a very appreciative audience.  It was the second time we have performed at the Eclectic and we love the room!  Always fun.

Acoustic Apple at Spinnakers 

On 9/6 Steve and Gary attended Mike Dorio's Open Mic night at Spinnakers in Oyster Bay.  Mike (an excellent guitarist and singer) invited Acoustic Apple to perform several songs and proceeded to book us as the featured performers at a future Open Mic night.  A very successful night for Acoustic Apple.

Acoustic Apple at LI Bluegrass Festival 

Acoustic Apple - Long Island Bluegrass Festival - 8/20/2016 

Acoustic Apple (Gary Schoenberger and Steve Angliss) managed to perform 2 songs before monsoon rains hit the 2016 Long Island Bluegrass Festival.  The crowd took cover during the 3rd song as windswept rain pummeled the beachfront festival.  Power to the sound equipment was finally cut as Gary and Steve completed their 3rd song.  Certainly a memorable performance.  The storm passed in 45 minutes and the festival resumed under sunny skies.  There have been many times we have been in the audience at a festival when it rained (sometimes even a hurricane-level microburst), but this was the first time viewing it from the performer's perspective on stage.